THURSDAY February 16th at 7pm: FROM THE SHADOWS - Ghostly Tales of Love & Revenge

"Third Thursday Every Month... From The Shadows"
Dark fantasy, horror, ghosts, and the macabre! From MANY different top authors in the field. Touching many different topics... victims, vengeance, identities, gypsies, carnivals, famines, rain, seal people, evil rocks, psychic vampires, curses, old gods, trains, haunted houses, dreams, coast guards, doors, photographs, wakes, and occult arts.

Ghostly Tales of Love & Revenge
A jealous ghost returns to haunt her faithless lover.. a dying young girl comes back in another body to wed her betrothed years later.. Can love conquer death? You be the judge.. Put aside your doubts and join us for an evening of ghostly tales of love.

Join us in Second Life, Kitely, or Inworldz

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