THURSDAY March 9th at 7pm: IS THAT YOU BOY! - more adventures

1940's Cork, Ireland

The exploits of a gang of young boys living on Shandon Street in Cork in the 1940's, their scams and schemes to make a little much needed pocket money.

A sort of ‘Bowery Boys’ operation where headquarters was not Louies Ice-cream Parlour (The Bronx) but Julia’s Milk and Cafe Shop at the top of Shandon street where the ‘scams’ were hatched and the measure of a gang member was judged by the number of pints of milk he could consume at a single session and where new gang members were initiated by drinking a pint of thick sour milk brought in from Gills Emporium next door to Julias. 

“He who lives by the baa may die by the baa”

Join us in Second Life, Kitely, or Inworldz...

Book:Is That You Boy! Author: Noel Magnier ISBN: 978-0954158101

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