THURSDAY June 1st at 7pm: GOLD FEVER - Miner's Tales of the Wild West

"Gold Fever"
Miner's Tales of the Wild West

The typical miner was a bearded young man, dressed in a slouch hat, red long johns, trousers tucked into hlgh-topped boots - he packed a shovel, pick and gold pan. When his dream of easy riches eventually died he often stayed in the West and became a farmer, stockman, tradesman or professional. If married, he sent for his family - if single, he married a daughter of pioneers and started a new family.

The lasting effect of the gold rush was not so much in the individual accumulation of wealth, but in the simple fact that thousands of miners stayed rather than returning home and they helped win the West.

Book: Tales of the Wild West Vol. 9
Author: Rick Steber

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